Thursday, December 23, 2004

Another Report of Voter Intimidation in the Ukraine Election - by the "Orange"

Rachel Ehrenfeld, whom I have cited here before in connection with EU financing for the Palestinian Authority and who is the author of Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed—and How to Stop It, was an election observer during the November 21 Ukrainian elections. In an exchange on the Ukrainian elections printed at (hat tip Ukraine List), she summarizes the findings of her group as follows:

...all of the major violations we witnessed at various polling stations were engineered by the orange-clad supporters of opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko.

Time after time, we witnessed blatant interference by the opposition party’s “orange” monitors inside some of the polling stations — all of them easily identifiable in orange-colored clothes and scarves. They routinely intimidated voters by hovering over them and even escorting them to the booths to see how they voted — acts that interrupted the orderly flow of voters at many polling places.

Nor were some foreign observer delegations exempt from strident partisanship. We took photos of an Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) automobile with two flags on its fenders, one its own and the other the orange flag of Yushchenko’s political party.

These observations largely corroborate observations made by John Laughland and the British Helsinki Human Rights Group (BHHRG), whose peculiar political orientation - which has been exploited by defenders of the "Orange" in order to ignore their factual claims - Rachel Ehrenfeld cannot be presumed to share.