Thursday, December 16, 2004

Poll Results

The First Trans-Int Poll is now closed and the final results are as follows:

What Topic Do You Want to be Treated Next on Trans-Int?

Hotel Ivoire Killings - What Are French Authorities Saying Now?

How Did the Blogosphere Get Fooled on Ukraine?

Lamy's Got a Gun II - What Are the Prospects of an EU Hitman Becoming Head of the WTO?

The winning topic is at once the most complicated and potentially the most controversial in a blogosphere many of whose denizens have much reason to be proud of their accomplishments exposing the deficiencies and bias of the MSM during the recent American election campaign. But I suppose the question is precisely: how segments of the blogosphere which exposed the MSM during the American election campaign should then put so much faith in the same MSM when it comes to the Ukrainian election campaign? I'll take a shot at it starting tomorrow. And, by the way, just because a topic "lost" doesn't mean I won't cover it once I've addressed the Ukraine issue.