Tuesday, May 17, 2005

If This is Not "Hate Speech"...

This is "out of area" for Trans-Int and I'm sure it will soon be picked up on by the blogs that specialize in this sort of thing, if it has not already been. But given the extent to which EU generosity and indulgence toward the Palestinian Authority has been documented on Trans-Int (see the "EU and Palestine" file in the sidebar), it is not entirely irrelevant. In any case, it is sufficiently mind-boggling that it should not be missed. Courtesy of the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), here is how Palestinian preacher Ibrahim Mudeiris chose to commemorate the defeat of Nazi Germany on his Friday sermon on PA television. I will only note in passing that certain prominent EU member states - and the OSCE Media Representative - make the suppression of so-called "hate speech" a focal point of their media policy and that the EU does not hesitate to pose political conditions for the receipt of EU financial aid.

Why not in this case?

(Hat tip MK.)