Friday, December 31, 2004

Song of an Anti-Semite

In honor of Lubomyr Prytulak, Silski Visti, and all anti-Semites around the world, and with the kind permission of translator Boris Gendelev, here is a complete English translation of Vladimir Vysotsky's "Song of an Anti-Semite".

Song of an Antisemite
(Russian title: Antisemity)

by Vladimir Vysotsky

Just being a hoodlum appears so trite
I ought to convert to an anti-Semite
This cause might not yet have the law on its side
But millions of zealots support it worldwide

One would get a thrashing if I so decide
But I need to know who is a Semite
What if they are held in the highest regard
What if for the trouble I get myself barred

But my drunkard pal with a wider worldview
Said that a Semite is just a plain Jew
Well, I am in luck, as it would appear
I am reassured there is nothing to fear

I worked up resolve, cause Albert Einstein
Was once a respected icon of mine
The people, forgive me, but I have to ask
Should Abraham Lincoln be also unmasked?

Among them, are many who suffered from Stalin
And highly respected by me Charlie Chaplin
My dear friend Rubin and victims of Nazism
And even the founding father of Marxism

But my drunkard buddy said after a job
The blood of the infants they drink, every drop
And I over drinks in a bar overheard
That they long ago crucified our Lord

Without more blood they simply can't do
They tortured an elephant right in a zoo
Against our people committed high treason
And stole all the crops of the previous season

Along major highways they grabbed all the lots
Built luxury dachas and live there like gods
I'll maim and I'll burn, just to make them pay dues
To save our country, I club dirty Jews

Translation copyright © Boris Gendelev (mail to:

BTW, I discovered Vysotsky's song by listening to Libra Radio. If you are interested in hearing the music and you ask nicely, Marian at Libra might play it for you.

And here is a site devoted to Vysotsky containing many other translations.

I'll be back in the New Year with "The Silski Visti Affair Re-Visited".

Happy New Year to all....