Sunday, October 17, 2004

Weekend Preview

The Transatlantic Intelligencer is "resting" the weekend. As consequence, the long-delayed continuation of "Tariq Ramadan, Non-Violent Man of Peace" will be still further delayed. I can, however, give you a preview of the next two installments:

Part III: Tariq Ramadan and "the Jews" (Real and Imagined)

What was the source of the controversy over Tariq Ramadan's article on "Jewish Intellectuals" on Not surprisingly, not exactly what the NYTimes says...

Part IV: Hassan Al-Banna, Non-Violent Man of Peace (Huh?)

"Mr. Ramadan is the grandson of Hasan al-Banna, one of the most important Islamist figures of the 20th century, and for many of his detractors that alone makes him suspect." So writes the NYTimes. We will provide links to the research of a German political scientist, exposing the historical connections between the organization al-Banna founded, the Muslim Brotherhood, and National Socialism and showing al-Banna to be the theoretician of "belligerent jihad".

Also forthcoming:

"The Shadow of a Great Power: French Diplomacy and the Iraq War Revisited"


"American Beheaders"
"How a Publicly-Financed Franco-German Television Channel Creates Moral Equivalence between America and Its Enemies"

Come Back Monday for More....

And, btw, thanks for all the comments and e-mails. Even if I am not able to respond to each one individually, rest assured that I appreciate them all - apart from those I did not appreciate. (There are already some trolls out there.)