Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Practical Matters

I've included now a contact e-mail in my profile, which you will find by clicking on "view my complete profile" in the upper right hand corner. (Please no attachments for the moment.) Rather than remaining an international man of mystery, I will probably before long even put a few biographical details in the "profile". As I get a hang of this, I'll also start putting up links to related blogs and other resources that I think could be of interest.

The 18th century Scottish traveler, essayist, and roustabout James Boswell recounts that when he one day went to ask for an interview with the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, he was told that Rousseau would see him, but that as the master was not feeling well, the meeting would have to be short. "I dreaded the word 'short'," Boswell remarks (or something to that effect). I'm afraid that I am much the same when it comes to writing. I seem to be incapable of writing anything brief or of writing quickly for that matter. As consequence, I think I will make a practice of using the "installment" approach that I've adopted for the "Tariq Ramadan Non-Violent Man of Peace" post. As I add on installments, I'll re-post the whole with the parts clearly marked, so that those who have read earlier installments can easily pick up where they've left off.

Sorry for the delay on the continuation of the Ramadan piece, btw. At latest, I'll get back to it tom'w...