Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is BHL a Fabulist?

When war broke out between Russia and Georgia last month, French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy -- or "BHL" as he is commonly known in France -- packed his bags and set off to Tbilisi. His ultimate aim was to get to the Georgian city of Gori, which had been the target of Russian aerial attacks and which was rumored to have been ravaged by Russian-affiliated paramilitaries. One week later, Lévy's account of his trip appeared in Le Monde in French and on the American website the Huffington Post in English. "It is a Georgian town," Lévy wrote about Gori, "And [the Russians] have burned it down, pillaged it, reduced it to a ghost town."

The problem, however, is that Lévy never in fact made it to Gori. See my new article "Reporting the Georgian War: Is Bernard-Henri Lévy a Fabulist?" on World Politics Review here.