Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Trans-Int Challenge

Excuse my indulging in an, I hope, uncharacteristically self-centered post. Since I launched Trans-Int last October, this blog has evolved into a far more time-consuming endeavor than I ever anticipated. As regulars will know, I do not do much here that could be called “aggregating” and even when I want to do little more than quote from other sources, since the sources in question are typically in German or French even this involves some often substantial translating work. If clarifying the significance of the quoted material requires providing background or if it becomes the jumping-off point for a more wide-ranging analysis, needless to say, the time investment becomes all the greater. So, in short, if you have come to appreciate the sort of material published on Trans-Int, please consider making a donation to the cause. You can do so simply and safely via the Paypal button in the sidebar. Your contributions are much appreciated!