Friday, April 22, 2005

Europe and Radical Islam: A Relevant Link

On the general topic of Europe and radical Islam, here is an interesting interview with Irshad Manji, Steven Emerson and Gilles Kepel conducted by the Aspen Institute in Berlin. The final question concerns Tariq Ramadan and US authorities' famous - or infamous, depending on one's point of view - decision to deny him a visa. Irshad Manji offers a particularly thought-provoking perspective on the affair. As against her view, however, it is worth noting that there have been persistent reports of contacts between Tariq Ramadan and/or the Ramadan family's Islamic Center of Geneva, on the one hand, and persons or institutions directly involved in the promotion of Islamic terrorism, on the other. So, the decision of the US authorities was not necessarily based upon Tariq Ramadan's ideological positions, as Irshad Manji suggests.