Friday, October 22, 2004

Re-Post: Tariq Ramadan, Non-Violent Man of Peace

I have just posted the completed "Tariq Ramadan, Non-Violent Man of Peace", an exposé of the distortions and gaps in the NYTimes recent profile of Ramadan. Thanks for the patience of those who have been waiting since the publication of the first two installments last week.

The piece now consists of the following four parts:

Pt I: Stoning and the Non-Violent Man of Peace
Pt II: The Non-Violent Man of Peace, 9/11 and the Assassination of Children
Pt III: The Non-Violent Man of Peace and "the Jews" (Real and Imagined)
Pt IV: Hassan Al-Banna, Non-Violent Man of Peace?

For those new to the site, please see too the recent posts on Caroline Fourest's investigation of Ramadan's lectures and writings.