Tuesday, June 21, 2005

That's What Friends Are For

(Note: For background, see "More Euros for Terror?" and the follow-ups here and here.)

Today is the annual “Fête de la Musique” in France – a hugely popular publicly-funded outdoor music festival. As reported here [link in French], participants all across the country will be invited at 9 PM sharp to intone together George Brassens’ sentimental favorite “Les copains d’abord” – roughly, “Your Pals Come First” - in honor of none other than Florence Aubenas and Hussein Hanoun.

Florence et Hussein

In place of informed debate on the highly questionable foreign policy orientations of its government, a once great nation is being offered infantilizing kitsch – and it is not the first time. Perhaps they can also have a go at Bert and Ernie's

Bert et Ernie

timeless classic "But I Like You" [real audio sample!].